Gala Event

Çırağan Palace

The Gala Dinner is scheduled to be held at Çırağan Palace, an illustrious historical venue in Istanbul, surrounded by significant historical and cultural landmarks. Guests will have the opportunity to savor the traditional flavors of Turkish cuisine.

Çırağan Palace consistently provides unparalleled experiences to its guests, showcasing a legacy of exceptional hospitality recognized globally. A pioneer in interior decoration, the palace draws inspiration from artifacts found in other prominent Istanbul palaces, including Topkapı Palace, Dolmabahçe Palace, Beylerbeyi Palace, and Yıldız Palace. Specially commissioned interior ambiance, bearing influences from these historical palaces, contributes to the palace’s unique atmosphere.

True to its historical significance, Çırağan Palace continues to unveil its grandeur to the world through significant receptions and representations. Prior to the gala dinner, a cocktail reception will take place in the opulent surroundings. Subsequently, a group comprising notable figures from Türkiye will present a dance performance. The evening will continue with a distinctive musical performance.